Notes on Hiring

Social ties are very strong in a company. If he joins, I’ll join.  If he goes, I’ll go.  Looking at the strength of friendship is big.

Interviewing is not enough.  How are they going to get along with an existing team? You can’t interview everyone- it’s too much time.

Locality- within one mille.  People are happier.  They work longer. Facebook paid $2,500 to employees to move within one mile of the office.  1 mile jobs.

How do you rank people?

Drive – how do you measure drive?

Curiosity: do you love what you do?

Writing- what are the majority of their tweets about?

What are their blog posts about?

Reference calls

Positive/Negative tweets signify how happy someone is.

Minus points on job hopping. It costs money to acquire an employee.  You want to increase their long term value. It decreases morale when someone leaves.  It’s self-centered.

Minus points on consulting gigs. Their fallback is too easy if they don’t like your job.  They can make more money consulting.  They’re not worried about their career.

Interviews try to find out a person’s philosophies.

4-6 people make a decision on a candidate. 6 people do an interview.

Bonus points for passion.

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