Quotes from Pursue The Passion

Some of my favorite quotes from Pursue The Passion

No one is going to give you what you want if you don’t go after it.

Every great thing we have in the world started with an idea.

There’s always chances. Always choices. Always opportunities.

There’s a tendency to look at your peers and compare them to yourself. Try to do the opposite.

You never know where the journey will lead if you take ownership.

Everyone’s a great general until wartime.

The risk to remain tight in the bud is greater than the risk to blossom.

If it’s fixed, break it. The more you do that, the greater stuff that can happen.

When there’s personal satisfaction on the line, it’s not a risk.

Life is for adventure.

Entrepreneurs embrace risk partly for the thrill.

The art spaces you walk into on First Fridays in Phoenix used to be crack houses. (Creativity is seeing what others don’t)

Color outside the lines.

You don’t risk much when you know why you exist in the first place.

Fallback options are overrated.

Mentally, commitment is worth it.

Dreams involve a lot of gambling. Sometimes you win and sometimes you have one little chip looking back at you.

Starting a company is like blackjack. You don’t have to win every hand, but you have to keep chips to play the game.

The more decisions are based on facts, the better your decision.

Just the facts, Jack.

Lute Olson left a lifetime contract at Iowa to go to Arizona. Security is overrated.

What’s next? Tomorrow. That’s as far as I know.

The hallmark of entrepreneurship is dealing with the little failures to get to the ultimate big win.

Failure is a hot stove. Once you touch it, you never forget how it felt.

The only thing that makes me an expert is that I’ve killed more plants than you have. – Gardener

People remember the good and lasting things more so than the disappointments and failures.

I’ve noticed that people who start their own businesses see where they are and where they want to be. They ignore the bull in the middle.

When you don’t know any better, you’re unstoppable.

Really groundbreaking ideas have a contrarian nature. That’s why no one else is doing it.

A good idea will receive more negative feedback than bad ideas because it will have a contrarian hypothesis.

Best word I’ve ever seen on the back of a wheelchair? Handicrap.

A Nobel Prize winner once told me that in every experiment, it’s 99% sweat and 1% ingenuity.

The hardest part is conjuring something up from the nothing. It’s also the most exciting part.

There are only 168 hours in seven days.

Adversity does not discriminate. Some just have more than others.

It’s easy to let go of something. because so many practical things get in the way.

The average overnight success takes 17 years.

The decision is where to concentrate your energy.

Prestige is not enough.

If you’re going to go all out, why not go all out in a way that works for you?

An expert is someone who makes higher levels of distinctions than everyone else.

Breakthroughs are accidental happenings. Breakthroughs aren’t accidental happenings.

The best things in life can’t be predicted. They just happen.

Luck – when hard work meets opportunity.

I take red lights personally.

Everyone has their own thing that will motivate them.

The memory business is a great business to be in.

There’s a lot of bullshit in every job. The key is to find a job that you love so much, you don’t mind putting up with the bullshit.

People want to be trusted to do the job they were hired to do.

Remember the first time you rode a bike by yourself? Yeah, that’s a good feeling.

There’s always a boss somewhere.

Trust leaves room for mistakes to be made and great things to happen.

People are valuable. Right?

Road signs are my favorite invention.

Put A & B together.

How many times do we actually finish what we start?

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