The Nissan Leaf Tour

Nissan is doing so many things right with the release of the Leaf.  Why? It’s part of something bigger than the release of a product.  The release is really a complete rebranding and an effort to take market share from it’s competitors.

Here’s a list of what Nissan has done right in the marketing release of the Leaf.

1) They are creating meaningful, lasting experiences with customers.  A 6 month tour with 23 city stops is being executed as we speak.  At these locations, Nissan is answering customer questions, allowing them to kick the tires, and most of all, allowing them to test drive.

2) To test drive, people must go online and reserve their time slot.  This gives Nissan the opportunity to either a) get a customer’s information at sign up so they can market to them at a later date or b) get them to be a part of their Facebook fan page, and market to them continuously.  Either way, it’s a win for Nissan.  (Comparison: Volt, their competitor, just has people show up)

3) Content creation.  At each one of these city stops, Nissan looks like they’ve contracted an agency to do amazing video work.  Like, really amazing.  If they do that for every city, which I’m assuming they will, it will be some of the best compilation of video ever compiled for a project.  Just in Orange County, where they stopped first, they were able to film a man singing his praises for the Leaf along with a minute and a half video that recapped their time in the OC.  Fantastic.

4) Their Facebook page has all that you could ask for.  42 videos.  Fan photos.  A tour schedule.  Events that coordinate with that tour schedule that allow you to RSVP.  A shiny profile photo of the Leaf.  And a bunch of other stuff that makes you feel closer to the Leaf.

5) They are doing such a good job at addressing customer concerns, like how will I charge my car…how much does it cost…how many miles does it get…etc. Going out and answering these questions in person…can’t stress that enough for how important it is to rebrand Nissan.

6) They have tangible benchmarks to try and accomplish, and they’re building that into the videos.  50,000 test drives of the Leaf is what they are aiming for.  At the end of the OC video, they gave out how many test drives they delivered (2,000), and how many test drives they had left to go (48,000).  That’s good stuff that allows you to come along on the journey.

7) Stops coincide with the first markets where each car will be available. There is a methodology to the tour.  And, stops coincide with major events in each city…ie the Street Fair in Tucson.  The more stops you can coincide with events, the better because there will be more people around.  AND, they stopped at major places like Griot’s Garage, a Tacoma institution that encourages people to have fun in their garage.

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