The Workplace

There’s one thing I’m truly passionate about in business. What is it? That work sucks for too many people. 70% of people don’t like their job. That’s sad.

I started a website to reverse the trend. I bought 2 RVs and took two cross country trips to reverse the trend. I wrote a book. Gave 100+ speeches. Started a program in a Foundation. Did everything I could, and didn’t make a dent in that statistic.

So what now?

I have a digital marketing company that’s been named a best place to work both years we’ve been in business, but didn’t specialize in anything. And as a result, didn’t do anything exceptionally well.

So, we decided to specialize in the one thing we do best: SEO.

Then we combined it with our passion: the workplace.

We’re a SEO Company that connects small businesses with customers…and has a good time doing it.

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