How Do You Capture Authenticity in Video Production?

How Do You Capture Authenticity in Video Production?

How Do You Capture Authenticity in Video Production?

In the quest for genuine connection through video, we’ve gathered insights from seven industry experts, including Executive Producers and CEOs. They share their wisdom from ensuring genuine storytelling and real connections to capturing the essence of a property for authenticity. Dive into the full spectrum of advice on fostering authenticity in your video productions.

  • Genuine Storytelling and Real Connections
  • High-Quality Output Shows Authenticity
  • Unscripted Educational Content Engages
  • Use Employees for Brand Authenticity
  • Real Stories and Genuine Reactions Build Trust
  • Stay True to Your Brand’s Identity
  • Capture Property Essence for Authenticity

Genuine Storytelling and Real Connections

Starting with a clear understanding of the message and audience is essential. Authenticity begins with genuine storytelling and a real connection to the subject matter. Utilizing real people, authentic locations, and honest narratives can significantly enhance the video’s authenticity. Additionally, incorporating natural dialogue and spontaneous moments can further contribute to the overall authenticity of the production.

Jared FloydJared Floyd
Executive Producer, Ajax Creative

High-Quality Output Shows Authenticity

To me, ensuring authenticity in video production means committing to high-quality outputs. Producing high-quality videos demonstrates that you care about satisfying your viewers, which shows that you are genuine and honest in your intentions.

Viewers expect and deserve consistently high-quality productions, and they won’t continue to watch videos that don’t meet this standard. While some videos might initially seem more authentic if they appear low-quality, this approach has its limits and cannot be relied upon repeatedly. I believe that when we provide our audience with valuable content and maintain high quality, we build a relationship with them, and they will keep returning.

Today’s audiences are discerning and care about whether a marketing video feels ‘real’ or overly manufactured. While all videos are produced to achieve a certain effect, and viewers understand that companies have underlying motives, authentic videos need to feel more genuine and truthful. Consider how reality TV and professional wrestling faced backlash when viewers realized how scripted they were. Before this realization, these genres were incredibly popular because they seemed more authentic than other forms of entertainment.

Patrick BeltranPatrick Beltran
Marketing Director, Ardoz Digital

Unscripted Educational Content Engages

This Is School is built on authentic video. Our approach is, and always has been, creating unique and unscripted educational videos that students truly want to learn from. By interviewing young, native speakers around the world in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Mandarin for our Language product, and recent graduates for our Geography courses, students are engaged not only through natural patterns of speech but also cultural capital that simply isn’t found in textbooks. With authenticity as a guiding light in all video production at This Is School, we have a growing library of truly unique videos which both entertain and educate, and help students achieve academic excellence.

Jessica HighamJessica Higham
Marketing Manager, This is School

Use Employees for Brand Authenticity

To ensure authenticity in the videos we produce at TrackingMore for marketing or educational purposes, we use our employees. This strategy guarantees that the actors will not try to fake it or be out of sync with how our brand communicates with its target audience. That way, the videos we produce are impactful and help us achieve our goals.

For videos that give product walkthroughs, we use active accounts to show prospects what our shipment-tracking platform can do for them. This strategy, as opposed to using simulated accounts, gives the prospect a real-time view of how signing up for TrackingMore can improve their business processes. It also helps to set the right expectations for business customers before and after they’ve subscribed to our services.

Clooney WangClooney Wang
CEO, TrackingMore

Real Stories and Genuine Reactions Build Trust

Focus on real stories and genuine reactions. Use real customers or team members instead of actors. Show behind-the-scenes footage and unscripted moments to add a personal touch. Keep the editing natural, avoiding overly-polished effects. Authenticity shines through when the content feels relatable and honest, building trust with your audience.

Andy HathawayAndy Hathaway
Google Ads Specailist, Clarity PPC

Stay True to Your Brand’s Identity

Ensuring authenticity in video production boils down to one simple rule: stay true to your brand or online persona. At our video editing agency, we don’t veer off course or try to be something we’re not. We apply the same practice when it comes to our clients. Instead, we keep a laser-focus on who you are and what you stand for.

Every aspect of the video, from the script to the editing style, reflects that authenticity. It’s about being genuine and relatable because that’s what resonates with audiences. So, by sticking to your brand’s true colors, you can ensure that your message comes across loud and clear, without any gimmicks or false pretenses.

Daniel WillmottDaniel Willmott

Capture Property Essence for Authenticity

Ensuring authenticity in video production is crucial for us at Precondo. We want our clients to feel like they’re getting a real, honest look at the properties we represent. One way we achieve this is by using real footage of the properties whenever possible. We avoid overly polished or staged shots that can make a property seem more perfect than it actually is. Instead, we focus on capturing the true essence of each space, flaws and all. Additionally, we make sure to include genuine testimonials from satisfied clients in our videos. Hearing from real people who have had positive experiences with Precondo adds credibility and authenticity to our brand. Finally, we prioritize transparency in our communication, making sure to provide accurate information about the properties featured in our videos. By staying true to our values and commitment to authenticity, we’re able to build trust with our clients and stand out in a crowded market.

Samantha OdoSamantha Odo
Real Estate Sales Representative & Montreal Division Manager, Precondo

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