Brett Farmiloe has delivered more than 100 speeches, commencements and TEDx talks from Alaska to Miami Beach. Below is a partial list of places Brett has spoken, his TEDx Talk, and speaking topics.

Partial List:
SHRM State Conferences: Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, HR Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, SHRM Student Games.
Other National Conferences: FBLA, ILG, TIVA, TCU, UNM, PMA.
Brett has also spoken for a variety of corporations, companies, colleges, and other groups.

Here’s his TEDx talk:

TEDx Tempe Brett Farmiloe from Bradford Jones on Vimeo.

Here’s some of Brett’s speaking topics:

Pursue the Passion

One summer four college grads were sponsored to travel across America in an RV. Their mission? To find out what makes people passionate about their work. Sixteen thousand miles, 38 states, 300 interviews and 10,000 photographs later, clear distinctions emerged between those who love and hate their jobs. In this keynote, author Brett Farmiloe talks about how to be passionate about your career and highlights the interviews and stories collected from his life changing cross-country journey.

Ideal Audience: Human Resource Professionals, College and high school students

Crowdstaffing: Putting The World To Work.

The biggest pain point for hiring managers is still very alive: top talent is hard to find. We all know the best way to fill a job opening is through referrals, but with the tools available to us today, how do we leverage technology to find talent? As a co-founder of Y Scouts and the Social Job Hunt experiment, Brett Farmiloe has employed “crowdstaffing” concepts to connect exceptionally talented people with companies who are making the world a better place to live. Attend this session if you’d like to hear about unconventional techniques for how to put the world to work – both figuratively, and literally.

Ideal audience: Human Resource Professionals, Executives

How To Create A Social Media Strategy

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and 4,000 other social media tools. How do you strategically use this social media stuff for your organization?

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

: Understand why social media is an essential component to an organization’s future
: Effectively create and execute a social media strategy
: Identify and analyze key social media success metrics
: Manage their time more effectively through the use of social media tools

Ideal audience: Digital and Social Engagement Strategists, Marketers, Human Resource Professionals

Gen Y @ Work: A Gen Y Perspective of Managing Generational Issues In The Workplace

We have been categorized as tech savvy trophy kids who are entitled and restless. We’ve been known to be money motivated, job jumpers, and lacking when it comes to work ethic. We ARE the future of your organization.

Brett Farmiloe is a Gen Y’er who will share with you what his generation wants from an employer.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

: Understand why Gen Y is essential to the future success of organizations
: Effectively recruit a member of Gen Y to an organization
: Get a picture of what turns Gen Y off and on during a job search
: Manage multiple generations in the workforce

Ideal audience: C-Level Executives, Human Resource Professionals
Brett Farmiloe travels from Scottsdale, Arizona. To inquire about his availability, please contact Brett.