Pursue the Passion was inspired by a statistic- Half of the American workforce is unhappy with their job.

During the summer of 2007, four college grads were corporately sponsored to travel across America in an RV. Their mission? To find out what makes people passionate about their work. 16,000 miles, 38 states, 300 interviews and 10,000 photographs later, Pursue the Passion profiles the interviews and stories collected from the cross country journey.

Using oral history as the main narrative, a wide collection of voices are captured within the chapters of this book. You’ll venture inside the CEO’s corner office, set foot on a rural goat farm, and cringe at the sound of a needle in a tattoo parlor. You’ll join four guys on a roadtrip as the RV squeezes through Manhattan streets, cruises on open freeways in the Midwest, and takes a break on the California beaches.

Throughout the course of the journey, Pursue the Passion offers insights that will give anyone willing to discard conventional career wisdom the edge in turning a passion into a profession.

Written by Brett Farmiloe, available for free download below or on Amazon.

Pursue the Passion Book