Brett Farmiloe is the founder of Terkel, a question and answer marketplace that connects brands with expert insights. 

He is a published author and company founder who has a history of bringing unique ideas to life. Brett’s first company, Pursue the Passion, was a career education startup that took Brett and three friends on two cross country roadtrips to interview people about how they found passion in work. Since getting off the road, Brett has delivered over 100 speeches from Alaska to Miami Beach and authored the book, Pursue the Passion

Brett’s second company, which built and launched 10+ iPhone apps, failed. He then caught a break and launched a charitable coffee company with the actor Hugh Jackman (later acquired by Keurig). And most recently, he spent the last decade building an SEO company for small businesses, Markitors, which was voted a Best Place To Work multiple times and acquired by a digital marketing agency. 

Dad of 3, 3x RV owner and sometimes drives a minivan; backyard chicken farmer, contributor to outlets like Forbes, GoDaddy, Business Journals, and more.  Once was sponsored by a food company with unlimited supply of Hot Pockets. Proceeded to eat Hot Pockets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days to bootstrap a startup. Never has ate a Hot Pocket again.

Projects in development… the revival of the World Pillow Fight Championships to raise funds for firefighters. Also, dedicated to improving neighborhood safety.