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Hello from Coimbra

Hello from the Harvard of the US, the Oxford of England…it’s Coimbra, the college town of Portugal that houses the 2nd oldest university in the world! (Bologna in Italy is the oldest, built in 1249)

I’m trying to live more Portugese, which means eat dinner at 9pm, go out at 11:30pm, and say words that sound like “Huckslicklavegesh.”

Today we went to the “vin-yards” in the Douro Valley. Amazing scenery driving out there. You have the Douro River running throughout vineyards that rise to the top of mountains. These vineyards are different from those in Sonoma County because they grow different grapes. These vines are grown in ten foot steep increments, so when you stand amongst a row of vines, you see ten feet of rock above you before you see the next row of vines. These vines stack high towards the heavens, and the grapes are ripe for a pickin’. My mom and I plucked a grape off the vine and ate it as we toured the Quinta de Palasca. We also dipped our feet in the Douro River when we were all done because we had a case of the “Dirty Douro Feet.” Fun times.

Tomorrow we are off to a town named Evora, which is famous for being another college town and having a chapel constructed entirely from human skeletons. Should be awesome, and then it’s on to the south of Portugal to get some beach time in.

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