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Hello From Portimao, Portugal

Greetings from Portimao, where the only thing separating the hotel from the ocean is the beach itself.

Portimao, and the Alagarve area in which the town is located, is entirely made up of tourists. This is quite different than how we’ve spent the previous two days and nights, where we mingled, haggled with, and bonded with local Portugesians.

I joke that everything in Europe is old – especially the tourists. Portimao is no exception. Portimao, and the Algarve…where couples and old people go to take a vacation within a vacation.

Tomorrow we will do much off what we did today. The activities of the day consisted of laying on the beach while enjoying a fine Sagres beer and eating a delicious Prosciutto sandwich while reading my 400 page book about Portugese exploration. Life is good.

If you were eagerly anticipating stories about the Chapel of Bones, there is lots to tell. At first, I was amazed at the sight of thousands of skulls, fibulas, and vertebrae. I considered it one of the finest exhibits I have ever seen. And then, in reflection on the 3 hour roadtrip down south, I came to the conclusion that the three guys who built it were a bunch of downers.

They built the chapel to remind the wealthy that they couldn’t take their material possessions into the afterlife. Death is inevitable. Blah blah blah. I think these three guys were just bringing everyone down when they constructed that chapel. Their work still freaks people out to this day. Upon exiting the chapel, there were a row of aforementioned elderly tourists visibly shaken by what they had seen. You could only look at them and read their apparent thought: “Man, my clock is ticking!”


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