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Hello from Spain

There are experiences you have that you taste just once; it can never be found or experienced in the same way again, which is why those moments are so special.

There are other experiences that are forced. Places that have been well developed, well maintained, with sights that can always be replicated or shared by many people.

There are many moments on this trip that are both types of experiences. You get the once in a lifetime experiences in the most unexpected places – CaixaForum in Barcelona, the beach in Cartagena – while the other “forced” experiences are the ones you read about in guidebooks – the herds of people at Sagrada Familia, the herds of people gawking at Park Guell, people searching for beaches like gold nuggets in Cabo de Gata.

The key to enjoying a vacation is letting the experiences come to you. Being aware of the surroundings, and enjoying them for what they are.

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