How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

I love hearing stories of how people originally met.

My wife and I met on a shuttle that transported students back and forth from campus to our apartment complex. It was spring break, and no one on the shuttle would talk to me about their plans. I got shut down so much that my soon to be wife smiled at me and offered up what she was doing.

Next week we’ll celebrate our 11 year anniversary, and we’ve been together 18 years. Pretty cool serendipitous happening that’s resulted in a happy marriage with three awesome kids. It’s remarkable how even through life’s challenges, like unhealthy marriages can lead to divorce, we’ve managed to stay strong and committed.

What about you? How did you meet your significant other? To gather more stories, I asked the community at Terkel for how they met the person they love. Here’s what they had to say.

How Did You Meet Your Significant Other?

We asked professionals from various fields to share their heartwarming stories of how they met their significant others. From reconnecting in an elevator to experiencing love at first sight in Montana, here are the top seven stories shared by professionals, including Marketing and Outreach Managers, Freelance SEO Specialists, and Outdoor Experts.

  • Reconnected in an Elevator
  • From High School Friends to Lovers
  • Instagram Algorithm Sparks Romance
  • Common Friends and Close Neighbors
  • Love Blossoms at J. Crew
  • Bonding on Yahoo Personals
  • Love at First Sight in Montana

Reconnected in an Elevator

It was the summer of 2009, and we were both 17 years old. We met at a summer camp in the mountains and hit it off right away. We spent the entire month together, exploring the wilderness, sharing stories around the campfire, and just enjoying each other’s company.

When the summer ended, we went back to our cities, and as it often happens, life got in the way, and we lost touch. Fast forward eight years later, I worked for a tech company. One day, as I stepped into the elevator, I looked up and there he was, my long-lost summer camp friend, standing right next to me.

We both did a double-take and before we knew it, we were catching up like old times. Both of us ended up working for the same company and in the same building, no less! We went out for coffee that same day and started dating shortly after. It’s crazy to think that if we hadn’t run into each other in that elevator, we might have never reconnected.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

From High School Friends to Lovers

My partner and I met in high school. We were a part of the same friend group of six. We would hang out often during high school, however, we were never that close. We even attended prom and I wore a blue short prom dress. Once we graduated, our friend group grew apart, and the two of us started spending a lot of time together.

That’s when we realized we have a lot of shared values, common life goals, and visions for the future. After one year, we started dating. That was in 2017, and we’re celebrating our 6-year anniversary this April.

We officially met in 2012, but both of us were competitive swimmers as kids, and we attended many events and competitions at the same time. He even visited my hometown for a small competition. We were in many different places, ‌but we only met years later—I say it was meant to be.

Aleksandra JovicicAleksandra Jovicic
Freelance SEO Specialist, Aleksandra Beka

Instagram Algorithm Sparks Romance

It’s a pretty dull story, but those few years back, it was a laughing matter for us. The way we look at meeting people online is changing a lot. Nowadays, dating people through Tinder is completely normal. But those 5 years ago, it was still quite new, and usually, you didn’t say that you met online because it was taboo.

My other half and I met absolutely by accident. The algorithm suggested my photo in the “discover” tab on Instagram, and after that, things just went on their own. From messages to phone calls and finally the first meeting…

Magdalena SadowskaMagdalena Sadowska
Community Manager, UK Passport Photo

Common Friend, and Close Neighbors

I met my boyfriend through a common friend – I knew her from high school, and he did from college. At first, we talked a little; we went out with our friend group several times and didn’t really consider ourselves close friends.

During the second year of our studies, we ran into each other often. We discovered we lived next to each other, which brought us a little closer. Eventually, we started hanging out on our own—and the rest of the story is kind of obvious!

Martyna InkielmanMartyna Inkielman
Community Manager, US Passport Photo

Love Blossoms at J. Crew

When I turned 20, I moved back home to live with my parents. Word got around quickly that I moved back, and I was offered a sales job at J. Crew with an old manager/friend I used to work with. She warned me not to catch feelings for the tall, handsome guy because she said, “He wasn’t good for me.” She wasn’t wrong ‌lol!

After working there for a few months, I was scheduled to work an overnight shift with him and a few other people. I got to know him, and he was actually pretty cool. We hung out as friends for a few weeks, and well, let’s just say that it took a quick turn, pretty fast. We kept it undercover for a few months, but then it was getting serious, so I looked for another job. Found another job, and long story short, here we are 16 years later with 3 kids!

Kristina RamosKristina Ramos
Reverse Recruiter,

Bonding on Yahoo Personals

I met my significant other on Yahoo Personals way back in 2004. It no longer exists, but ‌you could fill out a profile and upload pics. And people you were interested in could be invited into a chat room. In this room, you could do things such as play games, share files, or just chat. If you haven’t met someone, you can check here for Houston milfs.

I spoke with him for about a month, and we would often chat about things like my disability or his son, meanwhile playing games like checkers or poker.

I knew he was perfect on the day when I was about to win at checkers, and he refused to make the last move to end the game. He kept saying, “You must’ve cheated.” It was a sense of humor I appreciated. Shortly after, we finally spoke on the phone and clicked immediately.

Lindsay Duston CPRW and Chief HR Officer, Find My Profession Find My Profession

Love at First Sight in Montana

I spent a summer in a traveling ensemble singing at churches and camps across the country. Being raised in Philadelphia, I had never been further west than Minnesota. When we started touring the Rocky Mountains, I fell in love—with the mountains.

We sang at a camp in Montana, and the moment I laid eyes on a certain counselor, I knew I wanted to know him more. We spent a little time together as the week progressed, but I didn’t want to seem as interested as I was, so I mostly avoided him.

Luckily, he found my email address, because that’s the way people communicated back then. We started emailing back and forth, and a few months later, I was moving my things to Montana. It’s been almost 19 years since that first meeting, and that love, at first sight, has turned into the deepening and enduring true love of a lifetime.

Melanie MussonMelanie Musson
Outdoor Expert, TheAdventureFamBam

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