Who is Better: Steph Or LeBron?

Who is Better: Steph Or LeBron?

Let me reveal my bias: I was born and raised a Golden State Warrior fan.

Steph Curry is the best. He changed the game. His teammates love him. Easiest to build a team around. Hands down would be my first pick in the NBA draft.

I like Lebron. I ran into him once on the Nike campus in 2006 when I was coming out of the Lebron James wing. I opened the lion door handles, and there he was walking towards me. He gave me a head nod. I went right to the employee store and picked up a pair of Lebrons.

Still, I’m a Warriors fan and Stephen Wardell Curry is the greatest. To go beyond my bias, I wanted to ask basketball fans on Terkel for their take on Steph vs Lebron.

Who is Better: Steph Or LeBron?

From Steph’s willingness to make all the sacrifices to LeBron’s consistent dominance through his 20 seasons, here are nine answers to the question, "Who would you rather build a team around: Steph or LeBron?"

  • Steph Curry Builds Dynasties
  • Steph Curry is Inspiring and Motivates His Team
  • LeBron’s Focus is Hard to Replicate
  • It Depends on the Team's Goal
  • Stephen Curry Has Everything I’d Want on My Team
  • His Highness, LeBron "King" James
  • For the Best Team Player, I'd Pick Steph
  • The Answer is Steph: He Would Be Loyal to My Franchise
  • I'm Going With LeBron Because He’s Simply Better

Steph Curry Builds Dynasties

I live in Los Angeles and I hear and see so much that goes on in the local sports world. I know that LeBron James led the Lakers to a championship a few years ago, which was something we all loved and appreciated. It further bolstered the résumé of arguably the best NBA player in history (for sure, he's in the top three).

But is he the right player to build around? LeBron is playing for his fourth team (including his two stints in Cleveland) while Steph Curry is still with the team that drafted him. He showed a willingness to share scoring duties with his teammates, and he even helped pave the way for superstar Kevin Durant to join his team for a few years.

He won championships before Durant, during, and after. And he could win another one. There's something about a dominant player willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to help form a winning team. In Curry's case, he helped build a dynasty. There's no topping that.

Brittany DolinBrittany Dolin
Co-Founder, Pocketbook Agency

Steph Curry is Inspiring and Motivates His Team

This is a tough question because both Steph Curry and LeBron James are exemplary athletes. Ultimately, if I had to choose one to build a team around, I would choose Steph Curry. He is a masterful shooter and can get his teammates involved in the game. He is also a leader who motivates those around him, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

On the court, he is a master strategist and can read the game better than almost anyone else. He is also an excellent passer, creating open shots for his teammates.

In short, Steph's combination of skill, leadership, and drive makes him the perfect choice for building a team around.

Shaun ConnellShaun Connell
Founder, Writing Tips Institute

LeBron’s Focus is Hard to Replicate

It would be a tough decision since both players have impressive records and have accomplished a lot in their careers. But if I had to choose one, I would choose LeBron. Even though Steph is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, LeBron is an incredible all-around player who can do it all.

He can score, pass, rebound, and defend and he is the ultimate leader—he makes everyone around him better. He also brings a certain level of intensity and focus that is hard to replicate. In addition, he has been at the top of his game for over a decade now, which shows his commitment and dedication to excellence.

So I believe LeBron is the perfect choice to build a team around.

Tiffany HomanTiffany Homan
COO, Texas Divorce Laws

It Depends on the Team's Goal

The answer to this question is subjective and depends on the team's goals. If a team is looking for a leader who will bring out the best in their teammates, then Stephen Curry could be the right choice. His leadership skills are undeniable, and his ability to shoot from anywhere on the court makes him a valuable asset to any team.

If a team is looking for someone to dominate the game and be an unstoppable force year after year, then LeBron James is the obvious choice. Not only does he have incredible physical gifts, but his basketball IQ and leadership qualities are also off the charts. So while both players can bring something unique to any team they join, it comes down to what a team is looking for to decide between Steph or LeBron.

Mariusz MichalowskiMariusz Michalowski
Community and Career Expert, Spacelift

Stephen Curry Has Everything I’d Want on My Team

One cannot go wrong with either player, but give me Steph Curry to build my team around. Steph is a sniper for hire with unlimited shooting range, who can also handle the ball and finish around the rim with the best of them.

His basketball IQ is through the roof, and his innate desire to win is unfathomable. Steph is not only one of the most prolific scorers in the history of the NBA, but he is a model teammate, with all the essential intangibles you'd want in your franchise player: reliability, discipline, ambition, team player, accountability, tenacity, and much more. Give me Steph as the centerpiece of my squad.

Andrew ChenAndrew Chen
Chief Product Officer, Videeo

His Highness, LeBron "King" James

For building a team around a superstar, give me LeBron James, please. We've seen no one in the history of basketball with his unique versatility. LeBron is a floor general with all-time great court vision, and a forward who plays like a point guard who can give you 30-40 any night, with the strength and versatility to dominate on the wing and in the paint; he's one of a kind in that regard. Respect to Steph, but I'm building my team around King James.

Dakota McDanielsDakota McDaniels
Chief Product Officer, Pluto

For the Best Team Player, I'd Pick Steph

Overall, LeBron is the better player, a GOAT candidate, and would most likely win against Steph 1v1. That said, basketball is a team sport and if we're building a team, Steph is the obvious choice.

The baby-faced assassin came into this league with scouts and owners, doubting his potential. Within a few years, he rose to superstar status as he revolutionized the game with his 3-point scoring talents and turned the Warriors organization into a dynasty.

In the modern NBA, it is not very often that superstars stick with the teams that drafted them (e.g., Shaq, LeBron, KD, Kyrie, AD, etc.), which is why Steph would be my first choice between the two if I were building a team.

Leo VaisburgLeo Vaisburg
Managing Partner, Amazon Suspension Lawyer

The Answer is Steph: He Would Be Loyal to My Franchise

LeBron and Steph are both All-Time Top 10 NBA players. They each have four championships and will become Hall of Famers. LeBron is the All-Time scoring leader and Steph is the All-Time 3-Point Leader. The point is each player deserves consideration if you're trying to build a championship team. That said, LeBron has won championships for three different franchises and, in order to get his teams to the finals, he has had to replace coaches and trade teammates.

If I were a franchise looking to build, I would draft a player who I know is going to stay with my franchise. I would draft a player who not only builds chemistry but also one who could lead and would not undermine my coaching staff. That player is Steph.

Amy LeeAmy Lee
Medical Advisor, Nucific

I'm Going With LeBron Because He’s Simply Better

While Steph Curry is a Top 10 All-Time and leads the NBA in 3-point scoring, LeBron is arguably the greatest player to play the game ever. Both players have a Hall-of-Fame resume and four championships under their belts, but LeBron is consistently dominant even in his 20th season. With physicality, longevity, and basketball IQ, LeBron is the obvious choice to build a team around.

Gabriel BognerGabriel Bogner
Co-Founder, Mate Fertility

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