9 Overlooked Aspects of Brand Marketing that Can Yield Significant Results

9 Overlooked Aspects of Brand Marketing that Can Yield Significant Results

9 Overlooked Aspects of Brand Marketing that Can Yield Significant Results

In the quest to uncover overlooked aspects of brand marketing that can yield significant results, we turned to nine industry professionals for their unique insights. From Chief Marketing Officers to Digital Marketing Managers, their perspectives span from leveraging genuine user-generated content to adapting to changing market dynamics for success. Dive into these eleven expert tips to elevate your brand marketing strategy.

  • Leverage Genuine User-Generated Content
  • Utilize Geo-Targeted Social Media Advertising
  • Build Connections Through Customer Journeys
  • Promote Customer Advocacy and Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  • Focus On Post-Purchase Customer Engagement
  • Engage in One-on-One Communication on Social Media
  • Resonate with the Audience Through Brand Storytelling
  • Enhance Brand Reputation Through Exceptional Service
  • Adapt to Changing Market Dynamics for Success

Leverage Genuine User-Generated Content

As a marketer for a sustainable textiles company, I used the power of user-generated content. Encouraging customers to submit their images and experiences with our products not only generated a library of authentic content but also created a strong sense of community.

We included user-generated content (UGC) on our website and social media, allowing prospective buyers to see real individuals using our products. This strategy built trust and drove sales, illustrating the often-overlooked potential of user-generated content (UGC) in brand marketing.

Gerrid SmithGerrid Smith
Chief Marketing Officer, Joy Organics

Utilize Geo-Targeted Social Media Advertising

Geo-targeted social media advertising is a goldmine for running a small local business. Focusing social ad efforts on a small radius surrounding the shop ensures that the marketing spend is used on the most relevant demographic. This method not only increases foot traffic but also enhances the ROI of the advertising investment.

Rameez UsmaniRameez Usmani
Digital PR and Chief Marketing Officer, Solar Panel Installation

Build Connections Through Customer Journeys

Many brands, in my experience, don’t realize how impactful including customer journeys in their marketing can be. By shining a light on real customer experiences, the problems they were having, and how our brand helped them, we can make strong emotional connections.

As customers read these stories, they find similar points of connection and can see how our brand has really and positively changed people’s lives. This link, which is based on empathy, makes us seem more trustworthy and makes people loyal to our brand.

From my point of view, people naturally believe the stories and experiences of other customers more than traditional ads. Because of this, at our company, we put a lot of effort into using customer stories in our marketing because they help us build strong connections with our audience.

Matthew AppletonMatthew Appleton
E-Commerce Manager, Appleton Sweets

Promote Customer Advocacy and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

One often overlooked aspect of brand marketing that can yield significant results is customer advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

While many businesses focus on traditional advertising and digital marketing campaigns, they may underestimate the power of satisfied customers becoming brand advocates. When customers have a positive experience with a brand, they can become enthusiastic promoters, recommending the brand to their friends, family, and social networks.

People tend to trust recommendations from friends and family more than advertisements. When a customer advocates for your brand, it adds a level of authenticity and trustworthiness that is hard to achieve through other marketing tactics.

Encouraging customer advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising. You’re essentially leveraging your existing customer base to spread the word about your brand without the high costs associated with advertising campaigns.

Bruno GavinoBruno Gavino
Founder and CEO, CodeDesign

Focus On Post-Purchase Customer Engagement

Many companies focus heavily on acquisition but neglect the customer once the sale is made. Implementing a strong aftercare program that includes follow-ups, how-to guides, or exclusive offers can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By focusing on post-purchase engagement, you not only increase the likelihood of repeat business but also improve the chances of these customers becoming brand advocates. This can result in positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, both of which are invaluable for long-term brand success.

Chris StottChris Stott
Director, Seven Marketing

Engage in One-on-One Communication on Social Media

One-on-one communication is an overlooked aspect of brand marketing, even though it can attract a loyal audience. You should always interact with your target audience on social media. It’s not necessary to always talk about your brand, products, and services.

Having one-on-one conversations greatly impacts your brand value. People will always remember such impactful discussions.

Fahad KhanFahad Khan
Digital Marketing Manager, Ubuy India

Resonate With the Audience Through Brand Storytelling

Storytelling is often an overlooked aspect of branding. It can deliver substantial outcomes if done consistently in the right manner. It is as dull as gray to just focus on the benefits and features. Instead, storytelling can help brands resonate with the audience.

Narratives ignite curiosity in people’s minds. Let’s not depersonalize the term “customer.” Ultimately, branding is all about dealing with real people. And people have emotions, beliefs, and preferences. Compelling stories make people relate to the brand and experience it.

Shivbhadrasinh GohilShivbhadrasinh Gohil
CMO and Co-Founder, Meetanshi

Enhance Brand Reputation Through Exceptional Service

One aspect of brand marketing that can yield substantial results is customer service. Exceptional customer service can help a brand stand out in a crowded marketplace, build customer loyalty, and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals. Navigating the complexities of customer service in a busy business setting requires strategic solutions. A key aspect of this is ensuring that every customer call is treated as an opportunity to build relationships and trust. For more information on how to effectively manage this, visit https://virtually-there.net/call-answering-services/. Such services not only streamline call management but also portray a professional image to your clients.

It may not be considered traditional marketing, but it’s a powerful tool for enhancing a brand’s reputation and reinforcing its value proposition.

Kseniia MykolaienkoKseniia Mykolaienko
CMO, Parentaler

Adapt to Changing Market Dynamics for Success

One aspect that brands often ignore in brand marketing is the need to adapt to changing market dynamics. They become complacent after a period of stability and overconfident about their previously successful brand marketing and positioning strategies, assuming they will work for the current market scenarios.

This results in damaging the brand’s image, decreased engagement, poor customer loyalty, and a rapid decline in brand relevance. Conducting thorough market research to devise innovative brand marketing strategies in response to changing market dynamics is the right approach that yields the desired results.

Therefore, brands must not overlook it. It will help brands gain a competitive brand positioning in the market, allowing them to efficiently respond to new demands by staying relevant.

Jehanzaib AhmedJehanzaib Ahmed
Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, Digital Vaults

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