How Do People Acquire Domain Names?

How Do People Acquire Domain Names?

How Do People Acquire Domain Names?

In search of the most intriguing stories behind domain acquisition, we reached out to a diverse group of founders and executives. From an adventurous journey to a strategic registration with a preferred registrar, here are the nine insightful stories they shared about how they acquired their domains.

  • Adventurous Journey to Domain Acquisition
  • Persistence Pays Off in Domain Hunt
  • Creative Domain Modification Strategy
  • Strategic Investment in Domain Change
  • Unique Barter System for Domain Acquisition
  • Leveraging Connections for Domain Name
  • Straightforward Search and Registration Process
  • Careful Research and Planning
  • Strategic Registration With a Preferred Registrar

Adventurous Journey to Domain Acquisition

Let me spin you a yarn about how I snagged my domain! Picture a starlit night, a crackling fire, and me—a fearless explorer armed with just a laptop and Wi-Fi. Determined to conquer the digital frontier, I delved into the realm of domain registration. With a few clicks and some credit card magic, my domain was born!

But oh, the escapades that ensued! Like a stealthy ninja, I scoured the web for the perfect domain, battling countless “already taken” foes. Finally, I stumbled upon a hidden gem gleaming with potential. It was destiny!

With trembling hands and a giddy grin, I snatched it up before anyone could blink. And thus, a story of courage, perseverance, and a touch of online wizardry. Now, together, let’s embark on our publishing adventure and conquer the digital realm, one clever word at a time!

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Persistence Pays Off in Domain Hunt

Getting my domain was a fun adventure. It all started when I saw the domain for sale on an auction website. However, I took too long to decide and missed the auction. At first, I was disappointed, but I didn’t give up.

I decided to find the owner myself. I looked him up on LinkedIn and found out he was from the same country as me, even though he lived far away. We chatted a bit and started to negotiate. After some back and forth, we finally agreed on a price, and the domain was mine.

Martin PotockiMartin Potocki
CEO, Jobera

Creative Domain Modification Strategy

I acquired my domain through a creative domain hack or modification. I identified an existing domain name that was close to what I wanted and made slight modifications or additions to create a unique and memorable domain for my business. For example, let’s say my business was focused on healthy eating and I wanted the domain “”, but it was already taken.

Instead, I creatively transformed it into “”, substituting the “e” with “n.” This modification not only made the domain available but also added a unique touch to it. By employing this strategy, I ensured that my domain was both catchy and closely aligned with my business vision.

This approach requires thinking outside the box and utilizing linguistic or visual hacks to craft an original domain that stands out in the digital landscape.

Yoana WongYoana Wong
Co-Founder, Secret Florists

Strategic Investment in Domain Growth

When we were in talks to acquire QBench, my partner and I realized they were on a .net domain. The reason from the founder was simple: The domain was prohibitively expensive when they started the company, and they still had not decided to pick it up.

While the domain was still expensive, given our growth strategy, it was worth buying. When we were a month away from closing, we bought the domain and brought it with us when we took control of the business.

Trevor EwenTrevor Ewen
COO, QBench

Unique Barter System for Domain Acquisition

I was determined to acquire the perfect domain name for my business, and I decided to think outside the box. Instead of traditional methods, I offered a unique service in exchange for the domain.

The owner agreed to the barter, and I obtained the domain. This approach allowed me to showcase my creativity and negotiation skills, making the acquisition process memorable and mutually beneficial.

Ben LauBen Lau
Founder, Featured SEO Company

Leveraging Connections for Domain Acquisition

I acquired my domain through a personal connection. The story behind it is that I knew someone who owned the domain I wanted, and through personal relationships and negotiations, they agreed to transfer the domain to me at a discounted or even no cost.

Building and maintaining a strong network can often present unique opportunities like this. By leveraging existing relationships, it is possible to negotiate favorable terms for domain acquisition that may not be available through traditional channels.

Roy LauRoy Lau
Co-Founder, 28 Mortgage

Straightforward Search and Registration Process

Acquiring a domain can be an intriguing process, often filled with unique stories of creativity and determination. My story is actually quite boring.

While searching for a domain for Marketer Interview, I did many searches and never considered that the actual domain would be available. A few days later, I did the search and it was simply available to register, so I went with it!

Steve DinelliSteve Dinelli
Founder, Marketer Interview

Careful Research and Planning for Domain

It’s been quite a journey getting to where I am today. Working as a content marketer for quite some time, I had been thinking about applying my content marketing knowledge and running my own website based on content marketing. At first, I started by researching different domains and hosting providers that align with my budget as well as requirements.

I was lucky to find a decent domain along with hosting at an affordable price, after which I registered my chosen domain name, completed the necessary registration process, and secured the rights to use the domain for my business.

Faizan KhanFaizan Khan
Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

Strategic Registration With a Preferred Registrar

Our domain registration and acquisition process was pretty straightforward. When I conceived the idea of my company and had it registered as an LLC, my first step was making a website for it. I found myself in the position of wanting to register its domain, which fortunately was not owned by someone else.

I considered GoDaddy and Google Domains as my registrar options. However, I ended up using Google Domains, which is by far the more straightforward and easier option to use of the two. While GoDaddy is probably cheaper, we found that Google Domains was still relatively affordable at about $12 per year for the basic .com and .net, plus it’s better for the long term.

Their API is also pretty straightforward, which we found valuable since we wanted to do more advanced stuff with our website.

Samantha HawrylackSamantha Hawrylack
CEO, SJ Digital Solutions LLC

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