Daily Marketing Plan in 2007

Here’s what we did in 2007 to market stuff.

  • Make 5 Digg Friends (20 minutes)
  • Post on 5 Facebook Walls (15 minutes)
  • Grow your TikTok account
  • Email 2 bloggers to see if they’d like to join the tour for a day (25 minutes)
  • Email 2 separate blogs to see if they’d like to add us to their blogroll. (25 minutes)
  • Learn how to start a business
  • Make one thoughtful post to StartupNation.com (20 min)
  • Make one thoughtful post to YoungGogetter.com (10 min)
  • Contact two people a day for June contributions to interview blog (20 minutes)
  • Submit blog article to digg.com, complore.com (20 min)
  • Visit 5 new websites a day on mybloglog.com and comment on site, learn about the best tips to create the best videos online. (25 minutes)
  • Contact 4 press outlets a day for possible interviews and coverage. (1 hour) (15 minutes a call)
  • Post on Journey blog (45 minutes)
  • Total time (4 hours 45 minutes)

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