Karl Eller

Wanted to take a moment to celebrate the life of Karl Eller.
Karl helped instill a confidence in me that I could be an entrepreneur, a CEO, and a marketer.

He did this in a really easy, and subtle way. He simply accepted my invitations. First to be interviewed early on in the first Pursue The Passion roadtrip. Then again on an invitation to do lunch a few years later. And then again when I randomly saw him at Miracle Mile Deli, where he welcomed my invite to sit together and enjoy pastrami sandwiches.

To me, Karl’s legacy represents many things. The willingness to pick yourself up at any stage in life. The audacity to try. The capitalization on creativity. But above all, it’s just that a serendipitous crossing of paths creates a ripple effect of opportunity…and that some people, like Karl, create more serendipity by the way that they choose to live life.

Bear Down!

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